Levelling Is The New Rick Rolling, So You Should Probably Start Levelling Your Friends Right Now

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Remember when Rick Rolling ruled the world wide web and you couldn't open any link with your sound on for fear that “Never Gonna Give You Up” would blast through your speakers? Well that anxiety's about to come back in full force. According to The Huffington Post, Levelling is the new Rick Rolling.

You know the song “Levels” by Avicii? Even if you're shaking your head no, you know it. It's the most overplayed house song in the entire world. Need a quick reminder? Listen below:

Yeaaaah, that song. Kind of annoying, but kind of catchy. The kind of song that comes on in a bar and makes you say “ugh” and ¬†then it makes you dance like a crazy person on ecstasy for five minutes.

Well, get ready to make all your friends dance like a crazy person by just sending them a link to “Levels.” Or levelling them, as it's known now. A great place to start is by sending this video called “HUGE unreleased Skrillex and Rihanna collaboration!!!! LEAKED!”

Spoiler alert: it's not really a leaked song. You're about to be levelled!


You get the gist of levelling now right? So get on it and get levelling. After all, your Twitter followers aren't going to level themselves.