Let’s Play The ‘Guess Their Real Age’ Guessing Game

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The sole non-lame denizen of ABC's Bachelor Pad is Gwen Gioia, who refuses to give her real age on the show and in real life. Naturally, malechauvinistpigdoucherageaholic David Good reacted, “Is she a little older than us?” According to Us Weekly, her IMDB lists her as 39, which is not that old. (OK, for Bachelor Pad, it's kind of old.)

Apparently, Gwen was the one who asked producers not to list her age. This irks me: Gwen, you're lovely and all, but please do us a favor and OWN up to your age; otherwise, Us Weekly and other entertainment outlets – including yours truly – will do some digging and turn up an IMDB number and pretty soon it lives on Wikipedia forever. Lesson learned, via a countless celebs: Pick an age you want to “pretend” early on, and stick with it. Or else – the truth will come out.

Do you want to live a lie like Catherine Zeta-Jones, who appears to be a full decade older than her so-called “40 years.” Or Rachel McAdams, whose camp couldn't seem to decide on an age for their client, who was once listed as “30” and “27” in a single year.

Recently we interviewed a bubby talented young singer whose management declined to give her real age! We were stumped: Why would she NOT say how old she is, given that we place her at around 18?

Her rep told Crushable agreed on the vagueness of the singer's weirdness and said her manager was still deciding on a pretend age for their rising star.

Like we said, she had to be at most 18. Is our culture really that ageist? It's like Charice Pempengco getting Botox for her big Glee debut.