16 Lessons We Can Learn About Adulting From Young & Hungry

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You may recognize Emily Osment from Hannah Montana (ah, the good, old innocent days) but now she’s all grown up with bigger fish to fry — as a personal chef on the show Young & Hungry, that is. Her character, Gabi Diamond, is a perky food blogger in need of a job, and she ends up living with her best friend and scoring a position working as tech entrepreneur Josh Kaminski’s chef. And might we add, he’s filthy, stinking rich and has eyes on Gabi. But that’s a story for another time.

Let’s just say that Gabi is *literally* all of us, even though we have hardly mastered the world’s greatest grilled cheese sandwich. And sure, we may not find ourselves on dates with the Editor in Chief of the city’s top magazine, or receive special hugs like we’re babies when we arrive to work late, but we can truly learn a few lessons about adulthood from Gabi and her shenanigans.