Leslie Mann Wins Our Hearts With This Funny Anecdote From Her Marie Claire Photo Shoot

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Leslie Mann broke toe Marie Claire photo shoot This Is 40 Judd Apatow quotes funnyLeslie Mann is completely the kind of celebrity I want to see as a cover girl on magazines. In fact, it feels weird to call her a cover girl—maybe “cover woman” is better? She has so much more experience in Hollywood than her younger counterparts. And that's not me finding a nice way to call her old.

For one thing, she looks lovely and funny and you don't really think about her age even though her new movie is called This Is 40 and she just reached that age. The way I mean it is, she has the perspective that a lot of her co-stars and/or fellow cover models lack. She also just doesn't let stupid shit get to her.

Like this great anecdote about her breaking her toe! As the writer of this Marie Claire interview relates, the previous day Leslie was shooting the photos that would accompany this interview. But then there was a small mishap:

The photographer was going for a “deconstructed gown kind of thing” and asked Mann to jump back and forth in an attempt to get her Gucci dress to billow. “I felt like such a dork,” says Mann, dressed far more low-key today in a black-and-gray-striped shirt and black skinny jeans. “I'm leaping, and the fans were blowing, and the dress would fly up, and I was barefoot. That's the other thing — I have giant feet, and they are not attractive at all.” Mann didn't say anything when her toe got caught under her foot and snapped; she didn't want to seem like a pain in the ass. Now it's swollen and blue, and she tells me she'll have to wear the boot for four weeks.

Consider the other, high-maintenance actresses who would shut down a photo shoot because their favorite brand of sparkling water wasn't delivered or the photographer didn't have the right tunes. Instead, you have Leslie, who will jump around feeling like an idiot because she trusts the photographer, and who wants to be as little a pain as possible. Even when that means that she's in major pain. Just look at the photo she tweeted after the shoot:

Leslie Mann broken toe tweet Marie Claire photo shoot quotes This Is 40 Judd Apatow Paul Rudd

In short, Leslie Mann seems to always think of others: Her photographer, her co-star Megan Fox (who she brought on to the project), and of course her husband and director Judd Apatow. The two struck gold where it came to her movie roles when she took on the part of Katherine Heigl‘s snarky older sister Debbie in Knocked Up. “It's so nice to be able to have a say in things and Judd being open to collaborating because I'm very helpful in that area,” she told Marie Claire. “And that's why working with him is so great, because I get to have a say in things where normally I wouldn't.”

Collaborating and improv-ing has also become some form of therapy for the couple, as Judd explains: “I wanted to make a movie about this turning point in people's lives, so we start kicking around ideas for scenes and it becomes a coded way for us to have a discussion with each other about sensitive issues: This is how Pete is feeling about something, but really I'm trying to tell [Leslie] about how I'm feeling about something. And she does the same with Debbie.”

These two are just the cutest. I've always loved how facets of their marriage are evident with Pete (Paul Rudd) and Debbie, and how they cast their daughters Maude and Iris Apatow yet again. The girls are lucky to have such a down-to-earth mom as a role model.

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