Video: Watch The Whole Song ‘One Day More’ From Les Miserables

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Are you tired of waiting for Les Miserables to be released in theaters? So are most other Americans. But you know who isn't? Anyone who watches the Spanish television network La Sexta, because they somehow got their hands on an entire song from the movie before we've gotten even a sniffle of it over here across the ocean.

So there are subtitles on this version of ‘One Day More', but that's actually perfect for those of us with an on-the-go lifestyle with no time for anything except multi-tasking. I could go home and do Rosetta Stone for Spanish, or I could sit here at my desk and learn it while I get paid to watch a clip from Les Mis. What could be better? Answer: nothing.

Like Jezebel, who posted this earlier, I'm not obsessed with Amanda Seyfried or Russell Crowe‘s singing voices, but Hugh Jackman, Samantha Barks, Aaron Tveit, and even Eddie Redmayne sound pretty awesome, considering they're singing live. It's a really different sound and it's getting me begrudgingly excited to see the movie. For some reason, Les Mis for me has joined the ranks of the rest of those shows — like Rent — that everyone is so obsessed with that I don't have any desire to see it. But I think I'll make an exception to my Grinch-y rule and go check this out, because I'm hearing it's fairly epic. But until then, won't you join me in watching these impressively clear-skinned poor folk sing in English in the French Revolution with Spanish subtitles? That's three languages and history — you can probably turn this video in somewhere for college credit.

Un dia mas, muchachos!