The Les Miserables Movie Recreates The Iconic Poster With A Startlingly Impoverished Cosette

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Les Miserables movie poster young Cosette Isabelle Allen musical image impoverished skinny

The first official poster for the Les Miserables movie is here—and boy, they went for the single image most likely to tug at the heartstrings for diehard fans and newbies alike. Well, I guess you could make the argument that the shot of the barricades from the Japanese poster would get people choked up, but I'm gonna argue that this is the more iconic image. It is, of course, young Cosette, the illegitimate child of prostitute Fantine (Anne Hathaway), looking underfed and with almost all of her hope crushed.

You've gotta credit special effects and makeup here, for making little Isabelle Allen look so impoverished. It helps that this is her first movie role, so even though she brings to mind Dakota Fanning in her first few roles, it's easier for us to envision her as Cosette without any other roles marring the image. Plus the fact that she's looking straight at the camera; her gaze is even more piercing than the original drawing that's been attached to the musical for nearly thirty years.

Really, I can't stop looking at this poster, it's so spooky. By the time we meet grown-up Cosette (Amanda Seyfried), she's been living in Valjean's (Hugh Jackman) care and led a life comfortable enough that she may not remember toiling away in poverty as a child. But we can't wait to see Isabelle take on the famous song “Castle On a Cloud.”

For reference, here's the original musical art:

Les Miserables Broadway poster iconic Cosette movie Isabelle Allen Amanda Seyfried nostalgia

Les Miserables comes out on Christmas Day.

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