Add Leonardo DiCaprio To Your List Of Time-Traveling Celebrities

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Leonardo DiCaprio time traveler Judy yearbook 1960 lookalike drag wig

Someday we're gonna learn that all celebrities are actually normal folks from generations ago who got their hands on time travel technology and figured that they could leave behind the Civil War or Vietnam or whatever and live cushy lives in the 21st century. Because these strange photos keep cropping up! Obviously you remember when we found Nicolas Cage in a photograph from the 1870s, but now it's Leonardo DiCaprio who's either a time traveler or a vampire.

See, you might have thought that the first time you met young Leo was when Rose let him go in Titanic, or as the troubled kid the Seavers take in on Growing Pains, or playing a mentally retarded kid in What's Eating Gilbert Grape. But the correct answer is, in this 1960s yearbook. Tumblr user lo-parksthecar noticed that one “Judy Zipper” looks quite a bit like early-career Leo. You know, dressing in drag is totally the kind of scheme that his Catch Me If You Can character would dream up.

We should've known—after all, Mr. DiCaprio is the star of one of the most wonderfully carefree memes, Strutting Leo. He had to end up back in the blogosphere for some reason other than his next movie.

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Photos: lo-parksthecar on Tumblr and Ian Wilson/WENN.com