Leonardo DiCaprio To Take Long Break From Movies While Filming His Next Movie

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70th Annual Golden Globe Awards held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel Beverly Hills, CaliforniaLeonardo DiCaprio is tired, you guys. He's tired of filming back-to-back movies, he's tired of the constant media scrutiny, and he's tired of not being nominated for Oscars. Given, I have absolutely no confirmation on those last two, but it's what I'd be feeling If I Was Leonardo, which is the name of my new direct-to-DVD Freaky Friday-style story where Leonardo da Vinci and Leo DiCaprio accidentally switch places when Ferdinand Magellan throws a penny into a fountain. I play every role. Anyway, Leo is definitely exhausted, so he's planning to take a long long break from film while filming his next film. Did you catch all that? Leonardo — tired. Take a break, no film while film. Film film, film. Cool. Earlier this year, coming off what must have been a very disappointing awards season, Leo told Germany's Bild Newspaper:

“I am a bit drained. I'm going to take a long, long break. I've done three films in two years and I'm just worn out.”

He is referring, of course, to the films Django Unchained, The Wolf Of Wall Street, and The Great Gatsby, and followed up that statement with the announcement that he's beginning work on the film The Road Home, a period drama (of course) set in the Great Depression. I know what you're thinking — how can the man take a break from filming while filming a new movie? Won't that be tiring? But the answer is no, it won't be. Sometimes when you are very very famous, you can perform feats that mere mortals are unable to even imagine. For example, Leo has another set of eyelids under his eyeballs that let him shut out the light and take a nap even while he's walking and talking and acting. It's pretty miraculous, unless you're him in which case it's totally boring and I wish you wouldn't bring it up. In reality, Leonardo will still have plenty of time to take a break, since the script for this new project isn't even written ye — filmmaker Scott Cooper has reportedly just been attached to write the script, direct, and produce –but it's much more exciting to imagine Leo as a hardworking Hollywood mutant, so I'm sticking to that.

Leonardo DiCaprio The Great GatsbyIn other news, here is a still from The Great Gatsby. This is a picture of Leo taking a break from sitting down next to gal pal Tobey Maguire.

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