Leonardo DiCaprio Talks About Eating Raw Bison Liver, It Amounts to ‘Give Me a Goddamn Oscar’

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Leonardo DiCaprio holding out Oscar in Great Gatsby GIF


Leonardo DiCaprio had a pretty intense experience filming his latest movie The Revenant. That report about his character being raped by a bear turned out to just be a weird, totally false rumor. But it sounds like Leo did just about everything short of being raped by a bear to add to the believability of his performance. That includes eating raw bison liver. Mmm, tastes like Oscar bait.

In a new interview with Yahoo! Movies, Leo describes what it was like to eat such an, ahem, delicacy on camera.

“It’s kind of like a balloon, it’s got a membrane and then you bite into it and then something horrific bursts into your mouth. I wanted to do it because the things that they were giving me just didn’t look real. Pain is temporary, film is forever. You’re there once, you gotta give this stuff a shot.”

If you'd like a translation of that quote to better understand what it is Leo is trying to say, I've got one for you right here. (I took four semesters of Actor Talk in college, NBD.)

“Oscar. Oscar Oscar Oscar. You should really give me an Oscar. This performance is Oscar-worthy. Seriously, guys, why haven't you given me an Oscar yet? Oscar. I wanted to do it because Oscar. Pain is temporary, Oscars are forever. You gotta give this stuff a shot because OSCARRRR. GIVE ME A GODDAMN OSCAR ALREADY YOU DOUCHES!”

That's pretty much the gist of it, give or take a few Oscars. But really, can you blame the guy? I'd start eating raw bison liver too if the Academy had passed me up for the big prize that many times. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if, upon losing a fifth time, he just storms the stage and pulls a Kanye on whoever won: “I'm really happy for you, and I'mma let you finish, BUT I ATE A RAW BISON LIVER! IT HAD A MEMBRANE! THIS IS MINE!”