Leonardo DiCaprio Should Win an Oscar for This Story He Just Told Ellen

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Leonardo DiCaprio Ellen 2016

Leonardo DiCaprio is obviously a very talented actor (tell that to the Academy Awards, amirite), but his offscreen persona tends to leave a little something to be desired for me. I just always get the impression that he's really serious, and while he's sitting in the interview chair he always has one foot out the door so he can quickly escape to prepare for his next intense movie role or save polar bears from extinction. But his latest appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres show changed my mind. #ThePowerOfEllen

First they spend about a minute and a half talking about the beard Leo grew for his new movie The Revenant. They discuss whether or not Leo used conditioner to keep it silky soft (he did) and whether or not he ever got food stuck in it (he did). That's all very fascinating, but it didn't really pull me in. Things get a little more entertaining when Leo talks about the time he jumped out of an airplane and his parachutes didn't open. But the real pièce de résistance comes when he talks about being on a plane to Russia when the engine exploded.

Leo says he seemed to be the only one to notice this. (Welp, at least the plane had both its phalanges.) It turns out this wasn't some sort of Twilight Zone thing where everyone said he was crazy. Rather, a flight attendant came up and calmly told him that something had gone wrong. Leo didn't need to impersonate the flight attendant, but he does. She has a Southern accent, and it's hilarious. He also didn't need to impersonate the Russian guy who asked her what was going on, but he does. He has Russian accent, obviously, and it's also hilarious. Give this man an Oscar!

P.S. Is he wearing a Kabbalah bracelet? What is this, 2004?