They’ve Thought of Everything, Even a Video Game Where You Win Leonardo DiCaprio an Oscar

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Leo's Red Carpet Rampage video game

Is it bad that I kind of hope Leonardo DiCaprio doesn't win the Oscar later this month, despite all the buzz predicting that he will, just so we can keep making jokes about it? I just don't know how I'll survive without all the memes and punchlines and arcade-style video games about it. Yes, that's right, I said arcade-style video games. One of those now exists with the goal of getting Leo his long-awaited Oscar. It's called Leo's Red Carpet rampage, and it was created by The Line Animation. Get ready to spend at least the next hour trying to win it.

The gist of the game is that you have to chase an Oscar statue down a red carpet, all the while dodging everything from paparazzi to Lady Gaga to icebergs, picking up Golden Globes, SAG Awards and BAFTAs on the way, and of course outrunning your fellow nominees.

Leo's Red Carpet Rampage video game 2

There are also bonus rounds where you're challenged to “ACT HARDER,” crawl to your car while high on Quaaludes, and write your acceptance speech. But be warned, the “Find the Black Nominee” round is very hard. In fact, I'm pretty sure it's impossible. Because, as we know, #OscarsSoWhite.

I had to force myself to stop playing so that I could come here and tell you about it, but I can report that I have won zero Oscars so far. And it's not just because of my lack of video game prowess. Buzzfeed also reports that it's damn difficult. I can't say for certain, but it would be pretty ingenious if the game turned out to be totally impossible to win. Like I said, things are just way more entertaining that way. Sorry, Leo. But really, you already have millions of dollars and date all those hot models. Surely you can give us this one thing.