This Video Of Leonardo DiCaprio Dancing At Coachella Deserves All The Oscars He’s Never Won

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Leonardo DiCaprio dancing in The Wolf Of Wall Street GIFAre you ready to watch your childhood crush on Leonardo DiCaprio crumble into nothingness before your very eyes? Because I fear that's what will happen as soon as you see the video of him dad-dancing like nobody's watching at Coachella this past weekend.

Because the thing is, turns out somebody was watching. A lot of somebodies. At the time of this post, the video has been viewed almost 326,000 times, and once you see the video, you'll be surprised it's not millions. And that it hasn't won him his first Oscar…yet.

It was filmed April 12th, during the second weekend of the Coachella Music Festival in California, a place and time traditionally reserved for Vanessa Hudgens and Mischa Barton to come out of the woodwork and dress like they're poor, but apparently also a place that more A-List faces like Leo's hide behind bandanas and jump around to trance music. Observe:

Look at him shake his rump around in those…basketball shorts? With an oversized polo? Doesn't he know that the standard garb is Daisy Dukes and a lace crop top with a crown of daisies in your flowing hair? I guess he was too busy dad-dancing to read that memo.

But then the music amps up and his outfit choice immediately makes sense, because YEAH YOU'RE GONNA NEED SOME MOBILITY when you're bouncing up and down and throwing your arms around like that. You can't be truly comfy during that regimen in anything but swishy jersey and vaguely damp cotton.

It's just a good reminder that you can date all the models you want and that they can get younger every year and everything (to a point)…but unless you learn to do more than dad-dance, you're really just killing time until your girlfriend Toni Garrn sees this video and calls it off.

(Image: theshiznit)