Leona Lewis Seeks Therapy to Build Confidence

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Singer, Leona Lewis has, in the past, made references to her lack of confidence, so it is no surprise that reports claim the singer will be seeking professional help in trying to ease her insecurities before she goes #3275701 Leona Lewis attending a party to celebrate the one year anniversary of the 3.1 phillip lim Los Angeles store in West Hollywood, California on July 15, 2009.
 Fame Pictures, Inc - Santa Monica, CA, USA - +1 (310) 395-0500on tour. She has been seeking the help of famous hypnotist, Paul McKenna.

A source tells The Sun that Leona is making progress, “Seeing as Leona is on the path to becoming a global touring powerhouse, no corners will be cut. She already has bags more poise and confidence than she used to but she’s a natural born worrier.

The source continues, “Bosses at SyCo want to make sure her performance is as perfect and polished as an artist who has been around for years.”

Leona has said that there is no way she would ever be seen wearing just her underwear in front of the camera. She explains, “I wouldn’t do that. I’m not against it, I just don’t have the confidence to stand there in a bra and knickers.”

Hopefully, Leona will be able to get past her insecurities and shine as brightly as she can. I’m sure it can’t be easy being a shy person in the music industry.

Image: Fame Pictures