Watch Lena Headey Read Real The Bachelor Insults as Cersei Lannister, Wine Included

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Lena Headey reading Bachelor lines

What do you get when you mix Game of Thrones, The Bachelor and Jimmy Kimmel? This video of Lena Headey reading real insults from this season's Bachelor contestants in her Cersei Lannister voice while sipping wine from a goblet on Kimmel's couch. I mean, obviously. What else would it be? I must say, Kimmel was really on a roll last night. First he had Chris Pine singing school closings while wearing flip-flops, and now this? I'm impressed.

Lena says she's never seen The Bachelor, and therefore has used those 16 hours each week to do more productive things, like make sure the hems of those jeans she's wearing are frayed just right. Or something. I don't know her life. But I do know that just because she's not familiar with the sight of a bunch of women shit-talking each other to earn a rose from a guy they barely know whom they all somehow hope to marry doesn't mean she doesn't totally nail this challenge. Everything is better when it's said in an arrogant British accent, including but not limited to “I think I'm way prettier than everyone else” and “Fuck these bitches.”

I'm thinking there should be an option from now on to watch The Bachelor with all the women's dialogue dubbed with Lena Headey's Cersei voice. It would just be one Cersei insulting another Cersei, back and forth for 35 hours each week. (Okay, so I don't actually know how many hours per week The Bachelor is on. I'm just being conservative in my estimation. Feel free to correct me if it's closer to 50.) That might actually make me watch the show. Just think about it, ABC. Otherwise I'm going to punch you in the face. Like, seriously.