Lena Dunham Has Never Been To A Gay Wedding — My Mind Is Blown

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Lena Dunham at Writers Guild East Coast Ceremony February 2013So Lena Dunham has been tweeting all around the town, lately, providing us our daily peek into her life, now that Girls is in between seasons. This update isn't about how best to share a bathtub with your best friend (nakedly), or the most appropriate body part to pull a splinter out of onscreen (the bum bum), but instead, about Lena's current and ongoing love affair with Taylor Swift. She's previously told Vulture that:

“Anyone who thinks Taylor Swift isn’t good for the girl cause has to be crazy, because any woman who’s dominating the charts, the creative director of her own empire, and made whatever millions of dollars last year is only lifting us up. Killing it. And she’s super-creative, an amazing role model, beautiful.”

And has tweeted “@taylorswift13’s album is triumphant. If she’d been here when I was in college I would have written papers on her, not Sylvia Path.” Okay well if you love her so much, why don't you just marry her?? Right? Right guys? And that excellent point I've just made actually segues perfectly into our discussion of Lena's newest Taylor-related tweet, which you shall find below in all its glory:


Okay is it just me, or is the fact that Lena Dunham has never been to a gay wedding suddenly way more surprising than any and all love she might have for T-Swift? This girl is like…the voice of our generation! She has a pixie cut, she lives in Brooklyn, she's dating one of the guys from Fun. , a band so cool that they have punctuation right in the title. How can she not have been to a gay wedding? Even I've been to a gay wedding, and I've never done coke with Andrew Rannells. It's time to step up your game, Dunham. STEP IT RIGHT UP.

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