Lena Dunham As Hannah Horvath As Eve + 4 More SNL Sketches That Made Us Laugh

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After last week's hit-and-miss episode following the departure of head writer Seth Meyers, I had trepid hopes for Lena Dunham hosting this week.  I assumed there would be a lot of GIRLS sex jokes and a lot of Lena being hyper and overly verbose.  Turns out I'm good at making pretty accurate assumptions.  Making fun of Lena for being naked all the time feels very tired to me, but at least she didn't snap into a rage spiral last night.

That being said, it wasn't a terrible episode.  With such a large cast, it's difficult for everyone to shine on this season of SNL, but last night's episode did a solid job in featuring mostly everyone.  My honest opinion though is that once again, it was Taran Killam's night… I could seriously watch him tackle just about any character imaginable. I think I might be in love with him a little, actually.  Okay!  On to the best 5 sketches of the night.

1. Biblical Movie

Yes, Hannah Horvath (technically not who she's playing here, I guess, but come on) is just as insufferable as Eve, first created woman, in case that's something you were wondering.  Honestly, I actually kind of liked this sketch – especially Taran's Adam Driver impression.  It was AMAZE.

2. Scandal

Confession: I've never watched one episde of Scandal (it's on my list, as soon as I finish Breaking Bad), but I fear I would be eaten alive by Olivia/Fitz fans if I didn't include this.  Is this the first time SNL has made fun of the crazy unrealistic scenarios in a Shonda Rhimes show?  If so, more please.

3. The Katt Williams Show

Jay Pharoah, as always, nailed it with his impression of Katt Williams.  Was anyone else totally disappointed that Lena's Liza didn't come out with a cobalt blue hair streak and hopped up on Benzos?  I mean, anyone who watched the Oscars last week knows that singing/dancing Liza Minellli no longer exists.  There was SO much they could have done with that and didn't.

4. Cold Open: Obama and Liam Neeson

Confession: I get a lady boner for Liam Neeson.  That is all.

5. Weekend Update: Matthew McConaughey

In case I wasn't clear earlier in this post, I could watch Taran Killam Killit (see what I did there? Alright alright alriiight!) forever and ever and not get sick of it.  I laughed out loud so hard during the “I read braille” portion that my dog actually kicked me in the thigh for startling him out of his slumber.

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