Lena Dunham And Mindy Kaling Watched SNL Together And Only Annoyed Me A Little Bit

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Lena Dunham and Mindy KalingIt's Monday morning, so I can't wait to crawl out from under the rock I've been lurking beneath all weekend and see what Lena Dunham thought of that Girls parody on the premiere of Saturday Night Live. I'm sure she has opinions about it. And this is Lena we're talking about, so she probably has feelings and emotions and wishes and dreams about it, too. 

I just…I'm hoping that I can deal with her thoughts. I personally felt like that sketch was the best one of the night, and one of only two or three really strong pieces, so I really don't want Lena to dash my heart to pieces by not liking it. Especially since she was invited over to Mindy Kaling‘s house to watch the show, and I don't want them to feed off of each other and get all jilted-Taylor Swift on me, y'know?

But I needn't have worried, because here's what Lena had to say for herself:

Huzzah. Glory. Hoopla. She liked it! She may not have totally understood it, because Tina Fey‘s Albanian character Blerta was essentially telling Hannah Horvath (played by solo non-male newcomer Noël Wells) that she complains too much about her really great life. And that the things that go wrong for her are A. no big deal and B. kind of her own fault, most of the time. But if Lena liked it, she liked it. I shouldn't be trying to talk her out of having a great attitude about getting poked fun at. Especially when she followed that tweet up with this one:

Um yeah. In the category of ‘Things I Agree With Wholeheartedly' comes that statement. This season of women is crazy talented. I've always loved Kate McKinnon, so that Jessa imitation was predictably brilliant, Cecily Strong did a great job picking up Marnie's voice and mannerisms, and Vanessa Bayer pulled off Shoshanna really successfully. (Plus Noël totally nailed Hannah. Totally nailed it. I was psyched.)

But perhaps the greatest success of the entire evening was that Lena and Mindy — two people I'm admittedly not very fond of — were able to tweet back and forth at each other in the same living room while only annoying me a little bit. It's life's tiny victories, y'know?

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