Lena Dunham Still Manages To Annoy Me While Discussing Being A 19-Year Old Virgin

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Lena Dunham attending the Time 100 Gala April 2013It's been a real roller coaster of emotion in my nonexistent relationship with Lena Dunham, you guys. I was one of those people who got really excited about the first season of Girls and was really thrilled by her success, especially at such a young age, especially in a male-dominated industry. And then she started talking.

I'm all for people who are aware of their own talent, but I can only really listen to them talk about it if there are other elements of their personality that they are aware of as well. In the case of Lena Dunham, I think a lot of things get to her mouth before being processed in the ‘do I sound like an out-of-touch jerk-bag?' portion of her brain, and I'm not super into that.

I tend toward slight melodrama myself, so I can't hate on that aspect, but something about the way that Lena presents herself makes me feel all icky. It's like she can't perform her daily functions without the full attention of the media, and nowhere is that more clear than when she wrote to a sex columnist asking for advice on losing her virginity at age nineteen. BECAUSE OF COURSE SHE DID.

Just the kind of person who would write to a stranger in the newspaper instead of running this by a friend or a family member jives completely with my image of Lena, sadly. Reading the things that she wrote in this write-in question makes me cringe remembering things that I wrote in my LiveJournal at age sixteen. I thought I was really important, you guys. Really angsty and important. I'm just lucky I'll never get famous enough for people to dig that crap up. But the difference between myself and Lena is that I inwardly gag just imagining someone discovering my self-important ravings from back then, whereas Lena is the one who brought this one back into the public eye.

We have a lot in common minus her lack of self-awareness, which is probably what  bothers me so much about her, but I just…am not a fan of the Lena Dunham. It might have something to do with her very predictable BFF-ship with Taylor Swift, because I think the two of them, separately and together, take themselves entirely too seriously. But at least there was one other thing she took plenty seriously — the ‘sleeping with total bozos in your twenties' part of the advice. If Girls is any indication, anyway.

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