Lena Dunham Responds To Jezebel’s Bounty On Her Unretouched Vogue Photos Perfectly

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As you probably noticed yesterday, the better half of the Internet spent the afternoon ranting about Jezebel's Lena Dunham stunt. On the slight chance you missed the chorus of one million female bloggers simultaneously saying WTF, I'll fill you in on the key parts. Jezebel offered $10,000 to the person who could send them the pre-photoshopped photos from Lena Dunham's recent Vogue shoot. Not because they wanted to point out how much bigger Lena Dunham's body was before the retouching, but because they wanted to prove that Vogue excessively photoshops the people featured in their pages.

The only problem with their entire premise was that everyone and their blind mother's aware that Vogue photoshops and everyone and their blind mother's seen Lena Dunham's real body on Girls. So this whole thing reeked of clickbait and fat shaming and other unsavory things that I don't want to even spoil your day by mentioning.

Obviously Lena Dunham got wind of this whole disgusting mess and responded via Twitter last night. While she could've easily turned this bounty into a huge issue (that would only guarantee more traffic sent to Jezebel), she chose to handle it with two simple tweets. They're classy, they're succinct and they're proof that I perhaps put too much energy into disliking her.

The first is in response to Emily Nussbaum:

And the second is in response to anyone hoping to turn this into some kind of scandal:

So yeah, I think we can consider the Lena Dunham Bounty Case of 2K14 closed.

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