Lena Dunham Should Probably Stop Hanging Out With People Who Use The N-Word

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While you spent last night dreaming of political correctness, miniature cupcakes stuffed with nutella and other things things that don't make you squirm, comedian Lisa Lampanelli tweeted out this photo of her and Lena Dunham hanging out together.

lisa lampanelli tweet lena dunham

While there are so many ways to express friendship and affection and mutual understanding of each other's hopes and goals and dreams, Lisa Lampanelli chose to use the ill-advised phrase “me with my nigga.” Charming. Lovely. Delightful. Not-at-all-attention-seeking!

Now I don't know much about Lisa Lampanelli, except for the fact that I think she's kind of celebri-median who likes all kinds of attention. As in, there's no such thing as negative publicity for her.  I figured this fun fact out when I saw an episode of Bethenny Ever After last year where Lisa publicly came out as Bethenny Frankel's friend. If you're willing to do that, you're basically willing to do anything for attention. I wouldn't be shocked to find out that she purporsefully tweeted out the n-word in relation to Lena Dunham because she knew that would give her a full day of publicity.

Lena Dunham, on the other hand, probably won't be so thrilled with the media backlash that's sure to follow this tweet. Mostly because she's spent so much time actively trying to prove to everyone that she's not racist. Do racist people cast Donald Glover as their love interest? Um no, no they don't. However the problem for Lena Dunham isn't that people think she's out there leading KKK rallies. It's that they think she's grown up in such a white and privileged bubble that she's simply unaware of how the real world works. Hanging out with another white woman who casually throws around the n-word in an attempt to be hip and cool only proves that theory.

So maybe it's time for Lena Dunham to stop hanging out with people who think that kind of language is okay to use. Also people who will throw her under the bus for a little extra publicity on a Tuesday morning.