Never Did We Guess That Lena Dunham Would Be A Fan Of Taylor Swift

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Lena Dunham loves Taylor Swift music Red Girls wtf TwitterWhen I imagine Lena Dunham and Taylor Swift in the same space, figuratively or literally, it's always in the form of Lena sneering at lyrics like She wears short skirts / I wear T-shirts and asking why Taylor doesn't grow up already, go full-frontal, and start writing about sexytimes. You know, like Lena does on Girls.

But instead, we learn the exact opposite: Rather than be exasperated by Taylor's openmouthed look of surprise and break-up songs targeting celebrities, Lena is actually impressed by her younger peer.

Actually, it goes a lot deeper than that. Yesterday she hinted at giving Taylor's new album Red a listen, but earlier this morning the verdict was in:

Lena Dunham loves Taylor Swift Red album Twitter outcasts high school

Um, wow. That's incredibly high praise, and not something I'm sure Tay quite deserves. I mean, her lyrics are fun, but not really feminist seminar-worthy. And because they're both twentysomethings attached to their phones, Taylor responded less than two hours later:

Lena Dunham loves Taylor Swift Red album Twitter outcasts high school

Am I the only one completely taken aback by this blatant lovefest taking place over Twitter? I just figured that these two would never meet on equal footing. But then I started thinking about it, and realized that they probably have more in common than we ever imagined. Taylor's long pushed the notion that she was something of an outcast in high school, with songs like “You Belong With Me” as well as anecdotes about her friends abandoning her at the lunch table. And even though Lena grew up in New York City to artist parents, I would imagine that she too felt misunderstood.

Plus, as we've already established, both are pretty no-holds-barred with sharing intimacies of their past relationships. We wouldn't have Girls (yay!) or Red (…) if they weren't so willing to call out the men who broke their hearts, or tried to jerk off in front of them. As confessional as our generation is, it must still be difficult to find another celebrity as willing to put it out there as you are.

At this rate, I bet we'll see Hannah and Marnie awkwardly dancing to “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” sooner rather than later in Girls season 2.

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