Uh Oh, Lena Dunham…The Beliebers Are Coming For You

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Another day, another drama involving either Justin Bieber or Lena Dunham. This one’s a double whammy though, because it’s got BOTH of them, against EACH OTHER. The wannabe voice of a feminist generation has gone and pissed off the army of Beliebers (yes, they still exist and yes, they’re just as rabid as ever) by tweeting about the Biebs’ new song, and she has some pointed criticism about the lyrics.

Lena tweeted the following on Monday after Justin’s (and his mom hair flip) triumphant return to the VMA stage to perform his new song “What Do You Mean?”

For those not fluent in Bieberese and don’t know the lyrics, in the chorus of the song, Justin says:

“What do you mean? / When you nod your head yes / But you wanna say no / What do you mean?”

It appears Lena is calling out Bieber for rapey undertones (didn’t we already go over this with Blurred Lines?). That’s rich, coming from someone who herself courted quite a bit of controversy when she released a book and described a “sexual curiosity” as a child for her younger sister, among other disturbing anecdotes. Not surprisingly, people on Twitter have been calling Lena out for this, crying “hypocrite” and saying she should have a seat.

Lena then went on to post an Instagram picture where she indirectly backtracks on the comment while showing that since they look alike (if you squint?) of COURSE she doesn’t have a problem with Justin.

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Full disclosure, I’m a not-so-closeted Belieber and even dragged my husband to see him in concert a few years ago (I know, he deserved a friggin’ medal for Best Boyfriend of ALL TIME for that one) and I also watch Girls. I gotta say though, I’ve listened to the song and if anything, it’s sort of.. anti-rapey. I mean, he’s basically asking the girl what she really does mean (deep, I know) — does she mean yes, or does she mean no? If anything, Biebs should be applauded for actually asking the question. Point 1: Bieber. Your move, Dunham.