Nation Shocked Rich Person Lena Dunham Lives Like A Rich Person

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A bit of noise is being made today over an interview with Lena Dunham that appears in the December issues of Esquire. But it's not about anything she said in the actual interview. It's about the fact that she arrived at the interview in the back of a chauffeured black Mercedes, as rich people in New York do, and…that's it. She arrived in a chauffeured black Mercedes.

“Not sure I can watch ‘Girls' the same way knowing Lena Dunham now travels in a chauffeured Mercedes,” tweeted The New York TimesThomas Kaplan. Kaplan seems like a smart guy with the ability to distinguish between real life and TV, so I'm thinking this tweet was meant to be humorous. But the small cluster of people who retweeted him with the addition of “+1” or “bratty” leads me to believe that at least a few people took it seriously.

Look, guys: Lena Dunham is a rich person. She has never pretended to not be a rich person. She speaks openly of her love of rich people things, like Brooklyn Heights and living at her parents' Soho loft for free. Just because the character she plays on TV is a broke, struggling 20-something who's been cut off by her middle class parents does not mean that she is that in real life. (I guess Lena Dunham can write someone else's experience, after all.) She got to live rent free until she attained enough success on her own to purchase a $500,000 one-bedroom apartment, where she probably likes to make it rain on male models with stacks of hundreds from her $3.5 million book deal.

I'm not saying these things to be mean to Lena Dunham, only to illustrate that real life can be different from TV, and just because she and Hannah Horvath look alike and have similarly awkward sexual encounters does not mean that they are the same person. There are definitely instances where Lena Dunham says and does things that make me think she doesn't really understand the effects of her privilege on her career, but this isn't one of them.

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