Lena Dunham Posed Pantsless For Terry Richardson, Dashing My Dreams Of BFF-ship

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Despite the criticisms I've leveled at Lena Dunham, I've always admired her unabashed feminism. From her support of reproductive rights to her statements about body image to her insistence that young women's stories are valuable (if to no one else than to other young women), she seems like someone who “gets it,” someone I'd like to be friends with, even. Which is why I was somewhat surprised to see her working with a well documented creeper.

In the latest issue of V Magazine, she expresses her blossoming hatred of pants by posing in a leotard for Terry Richardson. The pictures themselves are mostly fine, if a bit boring…she looks cute in them, and she's never been shy about showing us her thighs, which I appreciate.


I do wonder, however, what Lena Dunham thinks about all the incredibly sketchy stories (at least one of which I personally know to be true!) circulating about how Uncle Terry abuses his position of power to get barely legal teens to do him sexual favors they would probably prefer not to engage in. I'm not sure how any feminist could rationalize being buddies with that kind of person. I'd like to give her the benefit of the doubt and say she doesn't know him very well, but that seems unlikely, considering the fact that she's good friends with his girlfriend, Audrey Gelman. If I ever get to interview Lena, you can bet this will be the first question I ask her, even though it will probably not make her want to be my friend very badly.

Other tidbits from the story include:

-Lena Dunham “only” dropped $430,00 on a one bedroom apartment in one of New York's most expensive neighborhoods, which is less than other rich and famous people spend on their apartments, hence making her “a little less fabulous than the leading females around which she orbits.” (I thought part of the point of Girls was that she is the leading female?)

-If you send Lena Dunham clothing in her size, for free, she will wear it.

-Lena Dunham thinks skinny actresses are jealous of her because her job doesn't depend on her looks and people expect her to look crappy, therefore she can eat cake for breakfast and dinner and still look better than they expect her to. (She might be right.)

-Lena Dunham is totally amused by Uncle Terry's “let's make you look like you just got a facial” trope:


You know you've really made it when Terry Richardson will let you do this with toothpaste instead of his actual jizz.

(Via V Magazine)

Photos: V Magazine