What Do Various High School Cliques Think Of Lena Dunham?

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What Do Various High School Cliques Think Of Lena Dunham  lenadunham jpg

There’s been a lot of criticism leveled at Lena Dunham‘s HBO show Girls, as well as at Dunham herself, in the past few months. Some of that criticism has been valid, while other instances have seemed like something lifted straight out of Mean Girls. Today, she attracted some additional negative attention with an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction/needing-to-fire-her-stylist malfunction which involved forgetting to wear pants, something most high schoolers have probably had nightmares about. Which begs the question: what do actual high schoolers think of her? I give you: 11 high school cliques’ unvarnished opinions of the plucky young writer/actress/director/sign of the end times.

Photo: Pacific Coast News