Lena Dunham Defends Her Dog For Biting Her, Not Herself For Being A Bad Pet Owner

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Lena Dunham and her dog LambyIf you aren't as glued to the internet on a daily basis as I am, you may have missed that Lena Dunham‘s dog bit her on the ass. It's the story of the century, so I don't know how you could have, but whatever.

Everyone got really riled up about it, because it wasn't a playful nip. She posted a photo to Instagram of the aftermath, and it's very obvious that Lamby — for that is the name of this dog — drew blood, presumably through a pair of pants. Although this is Lena Dunham we're talking about, so it's just as likely that she was lounging around in her underwear when this took place. All T no shade. She's since pulled the photo, but we live in a world with screen grabs, gurrrrl, so here it is:

Lena Dunham after dog bit her butt, wearing Hopeless Romantic frilly underwear Instagram photo

See what I mean? That's a serious bite, with kind of a lot of blood! Not something I'd be laughing about, and definitely not something that animal control would be laughing about if the dog had done that to someone who wasn't his owner. That's a scary thought, but it's also a very real one, and the internet reacted accordingly, expressing reservations about Lamby The Dog's general wellness. Whichhhh didn't sit too well with Lena The Human, so she took to Twitter to jokingly defend her wee pup.

And then she realized that people weren't quite as ready to laugh it off as she was, so she doubled down.

Solid points all around, but she missed a couple things. For one thing, that she was the one who shared the photo of her bitten and bloody ass in the first place, but more importantly that she might have failed her dog a little bit as well — by not taking his biting seriously. She says he has a great trainer, and that's a relief to hear, but it's important to bring those elements of training and structure into your own regimen as a pet owner as well, otherwise it's confusing to the wee beastie.

Not that he knows his antics are being posted to Twitter, but if it's being presented to the internet as amusing, I can't imagine it's treated any differently in the house. And that, my friends…is an excellent recipe to make it happen all over again.

(Photos: Instagram)