Lena Dunham Jokes About Child Molestation On Twitter, Immediately Regrets This Decision

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Lena Dunham Girls Premiere London England UK January 15 2014

Obviously still on a high from her SNL hosting gigLena Dunham momentarily found it super appropriate to joke about child molestation on Twitter. If your brain is currently screaming “Uh-oh, Spaghetti-Os” like mine did, you can at least rest assured that Lena's did as well. To her credit, she did delete the offensive tweet just before offering a series of believably sincere apologies. But that wasn't before Buzzfeed's Rachel Zarrell could immortalize it with a fancy little retweet.

I feel almost certain that Lena was sort of trying to respond to something that she's tired of discussing in a clever way. But if ever there were a case of in-terribly-poor-taste, this is so it. Because, whether or not Lena's intention was to offend anyone, that's exactly what joking about the very serious and sensitive topic of sexual abuse will get you. So it's a good thing that Lena's inner-PR person very quickly realized that it would be in everyone's best interest if she nixed the tweet.

I'm very glad, for everyone's sake, that Lena jumped on the apology horse quickly and also sincerely. I realize that, like the rest of us normals, celebrities make mistakes sometimes. (Hellooo, even Beyoncé, celebrity-turned-diety, apparently messes up from time to time.) The joke was still totally out of line and not okay, but I'm willing to forgive Lena for this one because I'm a sucker for a genuine apology. Now, if only Lena could get into Shia Labeouf's troll-y ear about how to get people to actually forgive you, this world could be a different place entirely.

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