Lena Dunham Has Finally Moved Out Of Her Parents’ House

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This just in! 26-year-old actress, screenwriter, and Symbol Of Everything That's Wrong With Millennials Lena Dunham has finally seen fit to move out of her parents' fancy Manhattan apartment and into a Brooklyn pad of her own. The price tag? A very un-Hannah Horvath $500,000.

Situated in tony Brooklyn Heights (or what Hannah would refer to as “grown up Brooklyn”), the place is a “1 bedroom and 1 bathroom co-operative apartment on the top floor of Mansion House, a large and dignified, pre-war doorman building that was built in the 1930s.” Not too shabby! Take a look at the outside of the building:

While boring, wealthy, family-oriented Brooklyn Heights might seem to represent a big step towards adulthood for her, Dunham told The New York Times that she's attached to the neighborhood because she went to high school there, so there's still an element of that childlike regression that people love to hate to love about her. “Other people think of Brooklyn Heights as where you become elderly, but I think of it as where you try pot for the first time,” she said. Adorable.

It's also somewhat ironic that only by writing about her struggles to live without parental support was Dunham able to achieve that pie-in-the-sky goal for herself, but there you have it. While everyone else was busy arguing about whether or not she was pretty/talented/a parasite deserving of euthanasia, Lena Dunham was laughing her way to a plush one-bedroom. Maybe us 20-somethings are smarter than everyone thinks.

(Via Gothamist)