Leighton Meester’s Album To Drop In 2010

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Actress and singer, Leighton Meester has given a little bit of detail about her upcoming self-titled debut album, saying that it’ll probably be released in February or March of next, in order to coordinate with her already busy schedule.

She tells MTV News, "You know, it’s weird — I’m still writing. I’m about to start a movie that’s all about country music, so I’m definitely trying to keep them separated ’cause I really am starting to grasp a hold of that and I really love it."

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She continues, "I’m thinking maybe sometime in February or March just so that I have a really good time doing the movie and finishing up ‘Gossip Girl,’ . And then I’ll have a little bit of time to tour and really get into it and do a live show."

Leighton also describes another track on the album, "There’s one called ‘You’re Not as Cool as You Think You Are,’. It’s pretty much about anybody who thinks that the song isn’t about them, you know? And it’s really funny and it’s cute. It’s really poppy — it’s kind of like Katy Perry meets, like, Regina Spektor. It’s really cool production and very sassy."

Any of you Leighton fans out there waiting to snatch up the album?

Image: Bauer-Griffin