Video: Leighton Meester Dumps Wilmer Valderrama For Vanessa Curry In This Sexy Lesbian Dance Music Video

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In their new video for originally named single “Addicted To Love,” house music group Nomads enlists Leighton Meester to act out a steamy lesbian romance with their featured singer Vanessa Curry. And to sweeten the deal, she's cuckolding everyone's favorite B-list youth appreciator, Wilmer Valderrama. I said good day!

The clip starts off with Leighton and Wilmer on a romantic date, but something is amiss. You can tell instantly from the Waldorfian, sarcastic way she laughs at his “hola” that she feels nothing but contempt for this man-person. How much more can she tolerate? It isn't long before a sexy waitress (Vanessa) spills water on her, the universal symbol for “let's go make out in the bathroom while your boyfriend fills up on bread,” so they go touch tongues and take turns pushing each other up against the wall, bathed in sexy blue light all the while. “Get against the wall!” No, YOU get against the wall!” “You FIRST! Teehee,” etc. Flash back to the time the two ladies met Spiderman together, and it's clear: theirs was a love forged in the sexiest of sexy lesbian sex fires.

It's not surprising to learn that Wilmer himself directed the video, because it's exactly what I imagine he imagines ladies who like ladies do with one another when they're alone. You can tell because he include these guys as a stand-in for his own feelings on the matter:

Still, it's a satisfying bit of infidelity porn, if only to see Ms. Meester expand her range beyond the admittedly great, but somewhat limiting Gossip Girl. And they say no one has any good parts for her.

(Via AfterEllen)