Leighton Meester Pulls A Felicity And Chops Off All Her Hair, Which Means Gossip Girl Is Totally Coming Back Next Year

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Leighton Meester chops off all her hair Gossip Girl haircut Felicity Keri Russell Penn Badgley Gossip Girl season 7The stars of Gossip Girl are really celebrating their show's ending! For the past few weeks most of the main players have gently mocked the teen soap that made most of their careers. Then Blake Lively posted a bunch of cute photos from their wrap party to Instagram. And now, Leighton Meester has made the most drastic move of all: She's chopped off all her hair! Blair Waldorf is officially no more.

JustJared interrogated Leighton about her angled bob at a party last night celebrating her cover on Flaunt magazine. She seemed giddy about the change, telling them, “My long, wavy hair got a lot of mileage, so it was time for a change. The girl who did my hair on the show [Lizzie Reilly] chopped it off and I love it. I hop out of the shower and it takes five minutes to dry!”

Of course, now that Leighton has changed her look, I'm half-expecting to hear that The CW has roped the cast into returning for season 7. It's like when Keri Russell chopped off all her curls while on summer hiatus from Felicity in 2000. I always remember the story as, she cut off her hair because she thought the show wasn't coming back, and then it was. Turns out that wasn't the case, and she actually cut it with the blessing of the producers. Unfortunately, once they started shooting season 2, the fans hated her new, short hair.

Leighton doesn't have that problem, since everyone's done with Gossip Girl and she's already moved on to film. Her new indie The Oranges is a sweet take on the May-to-December romance; her next project is Mobster: A Call for the New Order.

However, it turns out Leighton wasn't the first Gossip Girl cast member to shed her character. Penn Badgley already beat her to it, shaving his head a week ago. (You can see his new hair, or lack thereof, in the wrap party photos.) But because it's a woman, we pay more attention.

Photo: Felipe Ramales, PacificCoastNews.com