Here’s The Photo Of Kate Middleton Being Too Polite To Tell Lebron James Not To Touch Her

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Prince William and Kate Middleton talking and smiling GIF(via)

I don't know if you guys know this, but Kate Middleton and Prince William are in town. JKJK of course you know it because the seismic effects of the royals meeting Beyonce and Jay Z last night were shaking the ground so hard that we could barely sleep.

But did you also know that we narrowly avoided a catastrophe caused by A NORMAL LAYING HIS HANDS ON A ROYAL??? Thankfully, the crisis was averted by A. Lebron James apparently being just famous enough to get away with it and B. Kate Middleton being too damn polite to speak up. But her face in the photos is pretty hilarious.

I should say first of all that I honestly had no idea that you weren't allowed to touch the British royal family. I mean it makes sense now that I know it, especially having heard the story of Demi Lovato almost touching Kate's pregnant belly, but we just don't have that here. As far as I know, we're allowed to fist bump Barack Obama as much as we want, and Lebron has even had the First Lady dunk on him, so how was he supposed to know that Kate and Wills were off-limits?

This whole situation went down last night at the Brooklyn Nets game, when they played the Cleveland Cavaliers; right after Lebron came off the court, he had a photoshoot with their royal highnesses, during which he put his arm around Kate for around twenty seconds WHICH IS VERBOTEN, as protocol ‘prohibits anyone from touching or kissing members of the royal family.' It's not illegal, but it's a definite breach of etiquette.

There is apparently no patron saint of British royalty, however, as no craggy finger reached down to smote Lebron James the moment his hand came to rest on Duchess Catherine's shoulder. But we ended up with something better than a smoldering pile of Lebron's ashes, and it was this photo of Kate and William looking exceedingly polite and uncomfortable British, and Lebron being completely oblivious.

Lebron James with his arm around Kate Middleton with Prince William December 2014

(Photo: Tim Rooke / REX / Getty Images Entertainment)

Her face is smiling because she's a true professional, but look at her hands and how stiff her body is! NO TOUCHING.