That Time LeBron James Flashed His Penis During The NBA Finals (NSFW)

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That Time LeBron James Flashed His Penis During The NBA Finals  NSFW  LeBron James NBA finals flashes penis video June 2015 jpg

Hey guys, did you know that last night was Game 4 of the NBA Finals? And that it was between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers? And that LeBron James flashed his penis? And that it’s still basketball season? And that there are people in the world who watch sports? Oh sorry, did you want me to elaborate on LeBron James flashing his penis? I thought you’d want to talk more about my discovery that sports are still a thing, but I guess we can talk about that.

Yes, last night LeBron James accidentally flashed his penis on live television while he was adjusting his shorts pre-game. It was a very quick, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it shot, and much like Ben Affleck in Gone Girl, it had plenty of people at home going, “Wait a minute, was that… That was his… Did he just… Did I just see… That was his dick, right?”

You can watch the infamous moment over and over again in the video below. It’s potentially NSFW, but your boss will most likely A.) not notice anything inappropriate because it’s so quick, or B.) start a conversation about it with you, because OMG did you see it too?

Naturally, Twitter went nuts over it. (Pun absolutely, positively intended.) Unlike the video, one of these tweets is definitely NSFW, because screenshots.



LeBron had another newsworthy incident last night during the actual game when he fell into the crowd and cut his head on a camera. Despite drawing blood, he kept playing. Everyone watching was like, “Oh, I sure hope he’s okay. But anyway, back to his penis. We totally saw that earlier, right?”