LeAnn Rimes Tweets Bikini Photo and Food Intake to Prove She’s Not Too Skinny

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Singer LeAnn Rimes, engaged to Eddie Cibrian after her affair with the actor broke up his relationship, has come under fire recently for losing too much weight. To combat those rumors, she did what any celebrity these days does and went to Twitter to overshare.

Among a bevy of other tweets on April 6, she posted a bikini photo with the caption, First sun!!!! SPRING!!! Not sure what she was trying to achieve here, since she looks pretty darn skinny in the pic.

Tweets posted around the same time defend her food intake, naming pizza and Thin Mints (take that, Nathan Fillion) as treats that she happily chows down on. Interestingly, the denials are less announcements and are more of a conversation between herself and another user, @KarlaHoffman… albeit a conversation that everyone can read.

Methinks the lady doth protest too much…?