LeAnn Rimes Blames Lack of Career Success On Poor Dentistry… Yeah, That’s It

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LeAnn Rimes is suing her dentist for “emotional and psychiatric injuries” and money for loss of wages because she blames shoddy dental work for her lack of career and success.  I can't decide if I want to make fun of her or if I want to back her up and throw in a little women's rights argument into the mix, because Gary Busey‘s Chicklet teeth haven't hindered him from the spotlight.  If you think about it, we can't seem to escape his leering grin so I can understand why LeAnn Rimes is upset that her own set of giant chompers hasn't had a similar effect.

LeAnn claims that her dentist misdiagnosed her dental problems and gave her substandard veneers and crowns which led to “severe tooth pain, gum inflammation and chronic gum bleeding.”  Look, tooth and gum pain fucking sucks.  I don't think anyone could argue with that.  But she chose to screw with her natural set of teeth (which used to have an adorable little gap in them), and was therefore aware of the fact that it would alter her appearance.

I don't think the real problem here is the dental pain, although I'm not counting it out.  I think the primary complaint is that her enormous veneers are distracting from absolutely anything else she does, whether she's singing/acting/Twitter feuding/rehabbing it up.  And because they're distracting enough to make her somewhat unrecognizable, she's probably been suffering financially.  Because she can sing her ass off.  There's no reason she shouldn't be getting work (besides the fact that she seems a wee bit unstable, but who isn't?) because of a lack of singing talent.

And now that I've spent at least 15 minutes analyzing the dental work of LeAnn Rimes, I'm going to go jump off a bridge.  Or at the very least watch something smart and boring on PBS.

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