LeAnn Rimes Worries That Eddie Cibrian Will Cheat On Her, Because Duh

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NOH8 4th Anniversary Party - InsideIn news surprisingly only to no one, LeAnn Rimes is worried that her husband, Eddie Cibrian, will cheat on her. Actually, no, not in so many words. When LeAnn sits down with ET‘s Nancy O'Dell, she uses impressively delicate phrasing for someone who openly cheated on her first husband with a man who was also cheating on his wife. In reference to writing her new album, Spitfire:

“What Have I Done is one of the first songs that I wrote for the record, before anything…was actually while things were starting to happen. It was written about a friend of mine, but I didn't realize I was writing it for myself at the time…It was my subconscious talking and I didn't know yet.”

Ah yes, “things were starting to happen”. Like, “the leaves were starting to fall off the trees” or “the weather was starting to get colder”, not “I was starting to cheat on my husband with someone else's husband.” It just happened! Things just started to happen! But as with every relationship built on an affair, I have no doubt that the foundation is firm. And neither does LeAnn. Right, LeAnn?

Nancy: Do you ever worry? I can imagine, being that you've been honest that you've had an affair, do you ever worry about him cheating on you?

LeAnn: First off, I would be ignorant to say, and everyone else would think I'm a liar if I wouldn't say yes, and I have at times. Where I'm at in my relationship with Eddie, that is not a worry that's at the front of my mind…ever…now.

Nancy: But it was.

LeAnn: No…I wouldn't say that it was..often. It's definitely creeped into my mind, like I think it would anyone's.

Ohhh my GOD. I can't handle this! You don't have to be a psychologist to read into this. Just watching the video is so uncomfortable, because she contradicts herself so many times in the same sentence. It's not at the front of her mind now…so it only creeps into the back, sometimes, LeAnn? Sounds like a super healthy situation to me.

Oh and here's What Have I Done, in case you'd like to see what an earnest song about cheating sounds like, when the artist has written it without knowing yet that it's about her.

Totally not about LeAnn Rimes and her previous husband Dean Sheremet at all. Not even a little bit.

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