Not Only Is Leah Messer Pregnant Again, But It’s Twins

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Recapping this season of Teen Mom 2, I can see how unhappy Leah Messer is with then-husband Corey Simms as their combined jobs plus their daughter Ali‘s medical troubles slowly broke down their young marriage.

So I'm happy that Leah has found love again with Jeremy Calvert, but I was hoping she'd slow things down a bit and actually be a normal 19-year-old. Instead, we learn that she and her fiance are pregnant again… and it's another set of twins.

That's right, in the near future this girl will be on her second marriage, with four young children to care for and — according to sources — no money from MTV. Apparently Leah has already blown her season 2 paycheck on an SUV and a new house, but she seems to think she can cash in on her multiple kids. The source says she wants to be the next Kate Gosselin (or, less flatteringly, Octomom) and that she can brand herself as a mother of multiple kids. [tagbox tag=”Leah Messer”]

If that's true, then I'm worried for any other babies she has. Judging from her two pregnancies by different fathers, the gene for twins probably lives in Leah's DNA; if I were her, I wouldn't have sex unless I knew that I were absolutely protected.

Insiders say that “Leah can’t believe how lucky she is to have two more babies. [She] is absolutely thrilled,” while her friends are worried that she won't be able to handle it all. Remember that she and Jeremy aren't married yet; and as Teen Mom 2 shows, many relationships and even marriages don't survive the strain of young children, especially one with special needs.

“Leah's worst nightmare is being a single mom, broke and alone,” the source says. Well, she can take steps to prevent at least one of these.

Update: Leah and co-star Jenelle Evans both took to Twitter to deny the rumors.