Leah Messer Steps Back From Facebook And Twitter After Her Cheating Comes Out On Teen Mom 2

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Leah Messer crying cheat Robbie Kidd Teen Mom 2Easily the most shocking reveal on last week's Teen Mom 2 (the penultimate episode) was that Leah Messer had cheated on husband Corey Simms a week before their wedding. The entire season, MTV made it look like Corey was a jerk, but this episode has turned fans' ire over onto Leah—though some have been supportive, most have criticized her for turning to ex Robbie Kidd in a moment of weakness.

As a result, Leah has decided to step back from her Facebook and Twitter accounts, which have enhanced her reality persona: Like Teen Mom 2, they're ostensibly an extension of her normal life, but are accessible to hundreds of thousands of fans. And her every move is accountable, as we saw on Tuesday.

After the episode aired, Leah announced that her Facebook fan page would be temporarily disabled so that she wouldn't have to deal with the criticism from her fans:

– Attention Everyone –

This is a Public post and its to my Fans who are Subscribed to me..

I know everyone is coming here to find out what happened to my Fanpage, And I am here to tell you that Amy LaDawn Falls & Mom (Dawn Spears) decided to take the Fanpage down a little while ago so that I wouldnt have to deal with everything on it..I dont know when it will be back up but you can follow me …here to find out more. Ill post Publicly again when its back up. Just know that it is NOT completely GONE. Its just disabled.

Also, remember, I admitted my wrongs. Not saying I was right, cause I wasn’t and I regret it. But I am a person and I do have feelings, you cant just call me names, put me down, and completely walk all over me like Im emotionless. Im only human and I can only take so much. I hate that the page had to be taken down, but Im thankful that I don’t have to read all of that stuff. Ill be back for my true fans soon enough (: Love, Leah Dawn. ♥

Her Twitter profile @TM2LeahDawn will remain active, but in the same vein as Ashton Kutcher and Demi Lovato, she's turned over control to her management and friends. Leah clarified that she'll pop in at least once a week, probably Tuesdays, to tweet during the episodes and interact with fans. For the rest of the time, Leah is setting up a new, non-verified account for her day-to-day tweeting, and she'll accept only friends and family as followers. As she explained,

Theres too much Drama on it right now, and for my well being, I am choosing to somewhat disconnect for a little while to concentrate on Me, My sweet Ali & Aleeah, My Relationship with Jeremy, My Family/Friends, My Nursing Classes… and well, just my life all around. ♥

My gut reaction is to congratulate Leah on taking a step back and making parts of her life private. I've read news stories where these girls protest their celebrity status — claiming just to be normal people trying to live their lives and raise families — and yet they play into a lot of this fan drama week to week. So kudos to Leah for erecting those barriers that have been knocked down by reality TV and Twitter. (But of course, there's the ambivalence of not having regular updates on Leah's life and twins Ali and Aleeah once season 2 wraps up this week. So, you can't really win.)