Leah Messer Gives Teen Mom 2 Its Second Wedding A Little Too Soon

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Leah Messer Gives Teen Mom 2 Its Second Wedding A Little Too Soon leah messer and jeremy calvert png
There are a lot of references Leah Messer can make that most nineteen-year-olds can’t. She can talk about “my two daughters,” “my ex-husband,” and as of Wednesday “my second husband.” Leah and Jeremy Calvert were married this week in a small ceremony at the Catlettsburg Wedding Chapel in Kentucky. Even if you weren’t on the guest list, don’t worry, you’ll still be able to watch the ceremony; MTV was there to capture it all on film. If they were the same cameramen MTV used for Teen Mom 2’s first season they might have experienced a little deja vu; Leah’s last nuptials were also used for the show.

Anyone who watched Leah’s last marriage fall apart during season two of Teen Mom 2 knows there were many contributing factors leading up to Corey and Leah’s divorce: stress over their daughter’s health, stress over money, work schedules that didn’t always allow them to see a lot of each other, and finally Leah’s infidelity. But at least one other contributing factor was how they rushed into the marriage in the first place. Leah even admitted she had misgivings about the union days before the ceremony, but they decided to go through with it anyways trying to make of family for their girls.

I hope Leah’s marriage to Jeremy does last until death, but after her first marriage went bad so quickly I would have thought she would have preferred a years long engagement to be sure the decision was best for the both of them and her girls.