Dawn Spears Uses Twitter To Track Down Daughter Leah Messer’s Three Attackers

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Leah Messer attack Danelle McloudSeason 2 of Teen Mom 2 has not gotten Leah Messer any sympathy: Last week she decided to turn control of her Facebook and Twitter fan pages over to her team after it came out on the show that she had cheated on husband Corey Simms before their wedding. Then just this past weekend, Leah was attacked by three women outside a West Virginia movie theater.

Leah was out with fiance Jeremy Calvert when an older woman started following her and calling her names. (We imagine “cheater” was among the insults.) When Leah asked her to stop, two others appeared out of nowhere and jumped on the MTV reality star.

With the help of a security guard, Jeremy was able to pull the women off Leah, though they caught her in the face, as the above photo shows. Leah has no idea who the attackers were, but her mother Dawn Spears — who has supported her daughter even through the cheating confession — has taken to Twitter to try and track the women down. Of course, with Leah's Twitter amassing over 400,000 followers, I'm not sure how Dawn thinks she'll be able to identify the non-fans. Here are the details she's tweeted since the attack on the 20th:

I have a $500.00 dollar reward to who can tell me the 3 girls that jumped Leah at the movie theatre 30 min ago

For 3 bitches to jump her 3times Leah's size she walked away with nothing! Every dog has there day!

they really don't know who they messed with

Jeremy said they was heavy set women and the one wouldnt get off his arm

one of the chicks live in elkview

Jeremy's. Mom is black belt I'm sure she is going to teach leah

Twitter user @Ryan_Meadows97 claims that the three women are named Tina Ball, Tammy Fisher, and Danelle Mcloud. Furthermore, @Steph_Marie2011 posted what she alleges to be a screenshot of Leah's Facebook page, with Danielle first taunting, then apologizing to, her about the attack:

Danelle Mcloud Leah Messer attack Facebook

However, Leah's subscriber page doesn't reflect such a conversation, and there doesn't seem to be a “Danelle Mcloud” from WV on Facebook. So, it could be some sort of elaborate hoax.