Lea Michele Finally Releases That Cory Monteith Tribute She’s Been Referencing Every Five Minutes

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Cory Monteith and Lea Michele attending Chrysalis Butterfly Ball June 2013I know that a lot of people (if not most people) out there disagree with me, but I lost a lot of sympathy for Lea Michele when she said she lost two people with the death of Cory Monteith.

Obviously she was referring to Cory's character Finn Hudson on Gleebut something about equating the death of a man to the erasure of a character really felt wrong to me. I'd felt a lot of empathy with her up to that point, and really admired the way she handled herself at the Teen Choice Awards when she gave that tearful speech about him, but that day was really where the tide turned for me.

Maybe the two of them really were together and it wasn't the fakelationship that it's rumored to be, but I've never really been able to look at Lea's ‘mourning process' the same way since. Perhaps it's genuine and I just don't have a solid enough understanding of her to be able to recognize that, but every move she makes seems to be a very calculated PR strategy to…further her own career by using the tragedy of Cory's death. I know that sounds terrible, it's just what strikes me in this situation.

And going along with that is this Cory tribute song we keep hearing about. Lea isn't releasing her album Louder until March 4th, but she's been talking about the song ‘You're Mine' for months now. Since November, actually, but now it's here, and it's time for even more reminders that there's a song for Cory on the album and we should all buy it right up. Here's what she says about the track:

“It was ours. When I think of him, I play this.”

Call me a pessimist, but are you telling me that Cory actually heard this song? That before his tragic death in July 2013, he heard a completed track from an album you're not releasing until March 2014*? I know that's a contentious thing to say, but it definitely seems unlikely.

(*Commenter Izzy has pointed out that the album was initially supposed to be released in September 2013, so it was completed in June, and Cory would have heard all the songs slated for it at that point.) 

I don't even dislike the song, she absolutely shouldn't put her career on hold to grieve in a way that's socially acceptable to me. I'm just entitled to my opinion about this, and my opinion is she'll probably sell a lot more singles if they're linked in the public's mind to the tragic death of her boyfriend. Just saying.

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