Lea Michele Posed For Terry Richardson, But Tell Me Again How She’s Still In Mourning

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Lea Michele posing for Terry Richardson February 2014I'm already anticipating the flood of angry comments I'm gonna get for saying this, but Lea Michele really needs to decide on a PR strategy for her upcoming album. She could go with the strong, sexy, independent woman angle or she could go with the ‘I miss Cory Monteith‘ angle, but switching back and forth in between them the way she's been doing lately is giving me a serious case of whiplash.

It was only two weeks ago that she finally released the track ‘You're Mine' that she's been reminding us is a tribute to Cory ever since his tragic death eight months ago. But in between heads up that it was his favorite song on the album, and that she listens to it whenever she wants to remember him, and that we should really buy it if we want to respect his memory and prove our love, she keeps acting like nothing ever happened. She did a sexy album cover photoshoot so soon after Cory's death that it made me buy into the fakelationship rumors, because it didn't seem possible that someone's life could be completely back to normal a mere four months after she lost the love of her life.

And now, still less than a year after the tragedy, she's doing a shoot with Terry Richardson for the cover of V Magazine where she pulls her swimsuit-esque garment to the side to expose her bikini-line. She's not showing anything inappropriate, strictly speaking, but his style is very…intentionally exploitative and overtly sexual in a jailbait-y way. It's a very specific look, and although I don't care for it, a lot of people do. But regardless, you can't deny that it's a very abrupt change to suddenly be selling herself with sex after so recently playing on peoples' emotions to sell herself with nostalgia.


Bottom line, Lea's goal is to sell albums, and I get that, but she needs to decide how to package herself, and sooner rather than later. You can be the strong woman refusing to be sidelined by the loss of her great love, or you can be the mourning ‘widow' dedicated to carrying on his memory. Either is fine, but you can't choose both. At least not without seeming self-serving.

(Photo: Terry Richardson via Twitter)