Even If Lea Michele’s Relationship With Cory Monteith Was Fake, She Makes Good Points About Grief On Ellen

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Lea Michele Ellen Show empowerment in griefAs you've probably heard, Glee star Lea Michele dropped her first song this week. While I'm on a self-imposed “songs about dangerous balls” ban, word on the street is that “Cannonball” is pretty catchy. Which isn't surprising. Despite what we may say about Lea Michele as a person, there's no doubt that she's a talented singer who knows what kind of songs make her voice shine.

She recently went on The Ellen Show to talk about her new music and obviously Cory Monteith came up. For the rest of her life, Cory Monteith will come up. It's a blessing and a curse. On one hand, it makes her a sympathetic figure forever. No matter what she does (within reason), people will always excuse her because she lost her beloved boyfriend in a tragic overdose. On the other hand, she'll move on long before other people do because she has to continue living her life — even if other people want her to act like a widow for the rest of time. In fact, I think it's fair to say that she's probably already at the point where she'd rather not talk about him in interviews. But she will because that's what people want.

Even before Cory Monteith died, we suspected that their relationship wasn't on the up and up. For years, rumors floated around them that it was a publicity stunt designed to drive up ratings for the show. A fakelationship, if you will. If it's true, we'll never know now. It's too late for anyone to come forward now and point fingers at Lea Michele, the poor grieving girlfriend.

While her recent choices have rubbed me the wrong way, she still brought up some good points about getting through loss on Ellen. Because even if she wasn't in love with Cory, I have no doubts that she loved him. You don't fake a relationship with someone for years and feel indifferent towards them. At least that's what I need to believe. I think the best point she makes on the show is that there's no right way to grieve, but when you're a celebrity, there are a million wrong ways. It's a good thing to keep in mind the next time you see a celebrity smiling after losing a loved one.

Also, as Ellen's self appointed fan club president, I have to add that she handles this entire interview perfectly.

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