These Photos Lea Michele Posted Will Make You Buy Into The Fakelationship Rumors

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I'm already bracing myself for the hate mail I'm going to receive from Lea Michele fans who (maybe rightfully) think I'm the worst, but I need to express an opinion, and I'm sorry if you take it the wrong way — Lea Michele needs to get herself a better publicist. Right now. Or at least hold off from posting photos from her sexy album cover shoot as if her life is completely back to normal.

I know that everyone mourns in their own way, and it's very likely that things behind the scenes are very different from the way they seem in real life, but the manner in which Lea  is publicly handling the death of Cory Monteith is extremely confusing to me. It's like she either doesn't have a publicist, or if she does have one, they're encouraging her to end the mourning period and move on to taking advantage of the publicity.

There have been a ton rumors and blind items suggesting that these two were in a fakelationship before his death, but I never really believed them until now. Right after Cory's death was announced, I was really impressed with the way Lea was handling everything — I thought her speech at the Teen Choice Awards was completely perfect, not to mention devastating, and I was struck by her bravery at being able to return to Glee even though though Cory's absence would be glaring. She mostly stayed off of Twitter except for one tweet on July 29th in which she thanked her fans for their support, and mostly stayed under the radar with her friends and family, recovering. Everything about that reaction seemed real to me, and I felt deeply compassionate for such a tragic, impossible situation.

But then suddenly, abruptly, it felt like the mourning period was over, even though his death was only three months ago yesterday. Cory is never mentioned on Lea's Twitter, except for one tweet the night his tribute episode aired, she's started heavy promotion for her upcoming album, and she's said that she feels like she lost two people instead of one because she's considering Finn Hudson a loss, as well. Not the most respectful to the memory of her boyfriend, if you think about it, comparing his loss to the loss of a fictional character.

And speaking of thinking about it, the more I thought about it, the more I wondered how Lea was possibly able to return to filming a show where she starred opposite a man she was supposedly dating — a man she was supposedly close to getting engaged to. On a certain level, it's impressive that she's professional enough to return to set, but if she wants to continue the narrative of the two of them being a real couple before his death and not a fakelationship, then I don't think this is the way to go about it.

And like I said, the newest thing to make me feel uncomfortable about the handling of this situation is the sexy photos that Lea posted to Instagram of a recent album cover shoot, complete with exclamation points and smiley faces. Even if she's trying to cover up the way she's feeling and put on a brave face, it's only been three months, y'know? The world is still looking to you for your reaction to this tragedy, and I imagine it's pretty confusing for people (myself very much included) when your reaction is to plug your upcoming projects and to seem completely untroubled about the extremely recent death of your boyfriend.

Again, I know I'll take a ton of heat for this opinion, but I can't imagine I'm the only one feeling this way. No matter if the relationship was real or fake, or if she's mourning or trying to capitalize on the publicity, I think Lea needs to get someone on this situation right away. Because the way she's currently handling it is giving me some serious fakelationship vibes that I didn't have before, and making all those blind items about her trying to cut ties so that she's not bound to his memory forever really make sense.