Lea Michele Is Super Psyched About Her Very First Pregnancy Rumor

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Lea Michele pregnancy rumor baby bump tweet Glee made it in HollywoodAs we've learned from Adele and her newborn, being in your mid-twenties is not too young to have a baby in Hollywood. That's why it wasn't so outrageous for several gossip sites over the weekend to ask if Glee star Lea Michele were hiding a baby bump. See, several photos popped up of Lea, with the usual incriminating factors: Casual leggings and T-shirt ensemble, with an unmistakable bulge in the stomach/uterus region. More than a few sites questioned if this could be the 26-year-old's first baby bump spotting.

Most likely in reaction to the photos, Lea tweeted on Sunday that she was enjoying football and cooking. But lest her food baby go unrecognized, Lea tweeted an official denial this morning:

Lea Michele pregnancy rumor baby bump tweet Glee made it in Hollywood

Good for her for laughing this off! There are stars who would be so insulted or exasperated that they would retreat altogether or issue some icy missive via their publicists. But Lea takes to Twitter, where she knows her fans and the sites that reported on her nonexistent fetus are, and gets to the bottom of this in just twenty-four hours.

It must be a Glee thing: We were really impressed six months ago when Amber Riley fainted on the red carpet and then tweeted out reassurances that she was neither pregnant nor starving herself and that she had simply gotten dizzy from the photographers' cameras. These kids recognize that their every mundane action is being scrutinized, but they don't let it control their lives. And they're still new enough to the industry that they can be amused when people blow candid photos out of proportion.

I wonder if Lea will print out the articles claiming she's preggers and frame them. Could be a fun thing to put in the baby's nursery—you know, for someday when she decides to have a beautiful, weirdly-named celebrity baby.

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Photo: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.com