Now Lea Michele’s Twitter Was Hacked To Say She’s Pregnant, So Somebody Must Really Hate Glee

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Lea Michele attending Elle gala October 2013

Lea Michele is not pregnant, but whoever hacked into her Twitter account really wants people to think she is. Either that or they just really want her to actually be pregnant and believe that you are what you tweet. This hacking comes just a day after someone did the same to Lea's Glee co-star Chris Colfer's Twitter account. They didn't announce that he's pregnant, though. That would be a little far-fetched. Rather, they had him tweet that he'd been fired from the show, which we now know is not true.

Here's the tweet that appeared on Lea's account this morning and has since been deleted:

“Before this gets out to the media, I would like to announce to my fans that I am pregnant #BabyBoy.”

Presumably that baby would have been with her totally-not-a-gigolo boyfriend Matthew Paetz. That's if the baby existed, which it apparently does not, according to Lea's rep, who told JustJared that she'd been hacked. By the same person who hacked Chris Colfer? We don't know that, but it's definitely an interesting coincidence. And if it is the same person, that person must really hate Glee. Look, I know the show is bad and everything, but you can always just not watch it.

When the news first broke that Chris had been hacked, our first suspect was obviously Lea, because we're conspiracy theorists and that's how we roll. Does this definitely rule Lea out as the culprit? Or was this done intentionally to throw us off the scent? I've watched Lifetime movies. I get how this works. Whoever is responsible, I think the rest of the cast should probably watch their backs. Or rather their accounts.

What makes this whole thing ever weirder is that Lea and Chris aren't the only celebrities to be hacked the past couple of days. Wilmer Valderrama's Twitter was also hacked, and someone used it to post intimate photos and insults against Demi Lovato. On top of that, Rob Kardashian tweeted last night that he has a son, but in his case he hacked himself, because early this morning he was all, “LOL just kidding.” It's not April Fool's Day. It's Independence Day! What is happening?!

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