Lea Michele Had The World’s Weirdest Nip Slip While Filming Her New Video

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Lea Michele pushing her hair away from her eyes GIFFor as undeniably talented as she is, Lea Michele has never quite mastered some of the facets of normal-person life that come naturally to the rest of us. She's so single-mindedly focused on her career that when it comes time for to have a typical star moment, like a nip slip perhaps, she has absolutely no idea how to do it.

At least that's what it looks like, based on these photos of Lea shooting a video for her song ‘On My Way' (one of the few on the album that she hasn't claimed is dedicated to Cory Monteith.) Hollywood Life is trying to tell us that the nip slip took place because of Lea doing some run-of-the-mill jumping and dancing around in a grassy field in Palmdale, California, where the video was being shot, but I'm not buying it.

I mean look at her! In their photo, she's just standing there talking to the person next to her, both breasts out and exposed to the wind. That's not the kind of slippage that happens without you noticing it, even if you are wearing a totes adorable pink strapless top. Wouldn't the fabric be cutting into your skin? That can't be comfortable.

I feel like this is just another example of Lea overachieving, right? Where other famous ladies dare to slip but one nip, she went whole hog with it. She puts the ‘wardrobe malfunction' in ‘wardrobe malfunction', because her shirt is literally not behaving like a shirt. (You had one job, shirt!)

There's not even a term for what Lea did, y'know? Leave it to her to pioneer the boob…sloob? The breast mess? The mammary flim-flammery? Guys I can't do this, it's still too early.

(Image: Glee Wiki)