Lea Michele’s Ass Wants You To Know She’s Really Looking Forward To 2014

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Lea Michele attending ELLE Women In Hollywood event October 2013

Celebrity Instagram accounts that I follow always have a way of making me hate myself, mostly for reading into celebrity Instagram photos.  Please tell me I'm not alone, guys.  Do you ever find yourself thinking, “Do they take a tripod with them everywhere they go so they can stage the perfect iPhone photo?” or “Who are the poor bastards being forced to snap these pics?”

Because I sure do.  Lea Michele‘s latest Instagram photo has my mind racing, because inquiring minds need to know!

This photo was orchestrated (yes, orchestrated… there's a definite intention here) for two purposes: 1. To make us all insanely jealous that we can't afford a dream Mexican getaway in the middle of the coldest, shittiest winter ever; and 2. Attention.  Warm, hard, double-pecan butt floss attention.  This photo isn't going to be featured in a magazine spread; it's a cell phone snapshot.  The posing, the hair-twirling, the blatant display of butt (albeit a great one, I'll give her that)… it's all done just so random people she doesn't know tell her how hot she is t and how much they love her.

In her defense, she's far from being the only celebrity to use her Instagram account for validation.  But posting a pic like this and tweeting out a big “thanks for the support and love” to her fans–in direct reference to Cory Monteith‘s death–just rubs me the wrong way.  I know I'm going to take a lot of heat for it (cue the comment cries of “SLUT SHAMER”… trust me, guys in thongs thrill me even less), but I mean did her ass have to tell us she's strong and looking forward to a better year?  I think not.  I know we've talked about it before, but I really think she needs a solid PR lesson.  While I don't expect her to grieve forever and post depressing pictures all day, I do expect a little more tact than this.  #Sorrynotsorry.

(Lead Photo: WENN)