Lea Michele’s Boyfriend Would Like For Her To Believe That He’s Just A Gigolo Coach, Whatever That Is

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Lea Michele Winking

Remember how we said that sources were blabbing all over the place about how Lea Michele's new boyfriend, Matthew Paetz, is allegedly a former-gigolo? Well, apparently, Lea has since confronted him about the rumors, causing him to deny deny deny. The important thing to take notice of, however, is that he does allegedly admit to being a gigolo coach and to having entertained “a few” female clients in the past. But NOT to being a former-gigolo, okay?!

And, it's like, stupid me! Here I was, thinking that having once upon a time acted as a gigolo makes a person a former-gigolo. But someone's nervous PR team Matty reportedly says that it was just research. You know, for his current job as a gigolo coach. Which is super-cool and exciting news to me, because this is literally the first time that I've ever heard of such a profession or considered its necessity. But how else would a group of young men learn how to make $17,500 a week if not meticulously coached by, who I'm now realizing, is an angel among us?

I, for one, hope that he really is a gigolo coach, because it gives me hope that there really are an infinite number of word combinations that I can throw together and call my profession. (Mountainside watermelon tamer, anyone?) And, according to TMZ, Lea, herself, totally believes Matthew's PR spin story. I'd say that it's probably because she has no idea that “a few” to Matthew allegedly means, “however many clients I can squeeze into one year.” But maybe she's just got extra-strength, heavy-duty faith in people. In any case, she shouldn't worry too much, because, if all else fails, there's always John Mayer.

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