Jennifer Lawrence Stole Angelina Jolie’s Role In Silver Linings Playbook, In Retaliation Angie Will Adopt Her

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As someone who's spent the past few weeks raving like a lunatic about how much I loved Silver Linings Playbook, I find it so interesting that Jennifer Lawrence almost didn't get the part of Tiffany — especially now that she's surrounded by so much Oscar buzz. While we've heard word that director David O. Russell originally thought she was too young for the role, we're just now hearing how old he wanted to go.

And brace yourself, young folks, this number will shock you. In fact most of you probably didn't even know people age that high.


That's how old he thought about making Tiffany in the movie. How do we know that? Because he recently said in an interview with TheWrap.com that Angelina Jolie wanted the role and that's how old she is now. I know, you thought drinking all that Billy Bob Thornton blood would preserve her at 32 forever.

Quite frankly, it was like a formality,” Russell told the capacity crowd at the Landmark Theatre. “I didn’t think she was really a contender. We had three very serious contenders (already). We had a lot of major actresses in town interested in the role, from Angelina Jolie to some other big stars, because it’s a dimensional role for a young woman. Jennifer we frankly thought was too young” — until she pointed the tiny camera at herself at her parents’ home in Kentucky.

While I'm sure Jennifer Lawrence feels super special knowing she stole the role from Angelina Jolie, she shouldn't. Angelina Jolie is one of the last people I'd ever want to cross. Mostly because she's granted international immunity to break legal guardianship laws and adopt anyone she wants.

So good luck J.Law. Hope this movie was worth it. Because soon you're going to be stuck on a plane traveling the world with 45 siblings. And to make it worse, you're probably too late to even get a role in Maleficent.

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